Another free WordPress theme – Rounded.Cube

Yesterday i was pretty bored: weekend, alone, and all bad things and i say to make another free wordpress theme. I opened Photoshop and i start to draw. You can see the results on the next screenshot or here.

Free wordpress theme

Some of the main features:

  • Widgetizable;
  • Xhtml 1.1 / CSS 2.1 Valid;
  • 2 columns;
  • trackbacks and pingbacks are separated from comments;
  • and more things that you can discover if you try this great and free wordpress theme :D

You can download the teme HERE.

But wait! There is more nice things to come! More free wordpres theme to come and if you want a premium theme, don’t wait and contact me.

5 thoughts on “Another free WordPress theme – Rounded.Cube”

  1. It sucks! And I think a lot of your readers agrees with me. You might be a good front end developer but you suck as a designer.

  2. This is all you can do? :( Dude, you disappointing me… But hey, i’m sure that you have the best themes in the world, right?

  3. well, first of all emprove your english skills please. And second ….hmmm … if it’s a theme you want I can really do that … of course better looking than yours :))

  4. a bit too basic a theme for me, but clean/crisp. To mitica: it is “improve” not “emprove”… thank you for that daily dose of irony :-)

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